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A Developing Idea

November 24, 2009

I’ll throw it out there, because I know my brain cannot possibly be the only one thinking this… I cannot help but wonder if the major disconnect between American Jews and Israelis, and also in turn the on-going J Street v. Everyone Else struggle, is in part due to the decay and near death of Israel’s Labor Party.  Labor came in 4th this past election, behind Kadima (really just weeny Likudniks), Likud and Yisrael B’teinu (don’t get me going on these guys).

Conservative politics are dominating in Israel to the point that the country’s once thriving and potent Labor Party is on the verge of extinction.  It’s only natural that a nation full of conservatives would not be a fan of a liberal American president (though I think there are other, less flattering pieces to this equation).  And as long as Israel continues to be dominated by conservatives, or just as bad conservatives in sheep’s clothing (Kadima, that’s you), it will have trouble syncing up with America’s overwhelmingly Democratic Jewish community.

Maybe this really is as simple as oil and water – though in this case its all Kashrut…

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