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Seriously Croatia?

September 9, 2009

Another disturbing story from the world of international soccer football.  Haaretz rehashes The Sun report that the Croatian Football Federation has been playing songs with fascist slogans at football matches to “whip up” the team.

At games they have been playing songs that glorify genocide – specifically the Holocaust and the Croatian killing of Serbs.  In addition to that there have been claims over the years that Croatian fans have been screaming Nazi chants at matches – at claim that has been repeatedly investigated by FIFA.

In a move of political sensitivity in 2007 they did not play the songs in a match against Israel.  This “courtesy” was supposed to make the global feel better about all of this.  Did it occur to the Croats that when they shout and rally to fascist and genocidal mantras it offends more than just Israelis (and Jews)?  This type of behavior is offensive to all people, and Croatian Football Federation – given the region’s history steeped in violence – should know better than to fuel the flames.

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