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September 1, 2009

From today’s NY Times, because a judge did not rule in time to stop this year’s Idaho wolf culling, the hunt is on.  Gray wolves were only just was removed from the endangered species list.  Are we Americans so desperate to shoot any and all animals possible that we have to hunt them at the first possible opportunity?

The resurgence of the wolf population, rooted in a federal effort to reintroduce the animals to the Northern Rockies, including Yellowstone National Park, beginning in 1995, has long angered deer and elk hunters and cattle and sheep ranchers who say the wolves are depleting game and killing livestock.

I can understand the need to cull when the wolves endanger agriculture, I really can.  But wolves are supposed to deplete the deer and elk populations, that’s how it works.  Once they’ve killed enough elk and deer they then begin to die off, the elk and deer then re-populate, and the circle of life continues on.  I am no expert on the Idaho way of life, but it doesn’t seem to me like many of these sport hunters rely on the deer and elk herds for their sustenance (that is what the Walmart meat counter is for, right?).  So common, give the wolves some time… besides, aren’t they CUTE?!

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