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Atheist buses

August 21, 2009

Stop the Tartuffery has a great piece today on the Des Moines Area Transit Authority employee who was suspended for refusing to drive a bus with an advertisement promoting atheism on it:

Everyone faces things they disagree with everyday. Thanks to the First Amendment we are constantly bombarded with things we may dislike, or even fiercely disagree with. But you know what, that’s the way the United States works. In order to have the right to speak our minds we also have to be subjected to what everyone else thinks, too, even if we consider it blasphemy or just plain ridiculous. After all I believe that fast food is disgusting and that everything on Fox News is total crap, but that’s not going to stop me from getting on a bus that’s telling me that Big Macs are delicious and that Fox News is “Fair and Balanced.” I would even get on it if it were telling me that Jesus loves me. I might think all those beliefs are ridiculous, but I respect someone else’s right to yell them from the side of a bus, or a billboard, television, or whatever other medium they can get access to. But in return, I expect my fine fellow citizens to respect the things that I agree with, even if they don’t like it.

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