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Holy cow, the American Revolution is back!

April 21, 2009

I have noticed recently that major themes from the American Revolution, and the resulting constitutional convention of 1787, have popped up in some recent headlines:

First we have the issue of No Taxation without Representation, or in the case of these fine Americans too much taxing.  If taxes are their problem, then maybe they should speak to the approx. 600,000 citizens of the District of Columbia, who are still waiting for their representation. We’ll gladly trade for their two senators and representatives.

Also we are coming to grips with a tyrannical government, and I don’t mean the British, or Mugabe.

Now its time for a few of my favorite amendments…

#1: One small nugget of “phew” out of Durban II, the defamation of religion clause was removed.

#2: See my post on gun control.  Enough said really, except that Maryland is now reeling from yet another murder-suicide of a family.

#4: The Supreme Court today heard the case of a girl who was strip-searched in her middle school when a classmate alleged that the girl had drugs.  And by drugs, I mean ADVIL.  I truly hope she finds justice.

#4: Again!  This time its just wire tapping… phew, and you thought it was another strip-search case.

#8: Cruel, and unusual, punishment.  Where did we as a society go wrong?

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